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About us

Our Mission

Mixing curiosity with innovation to intentionally solve problems in a reliable, repeatable, and scalable manner.

Our Vision

To operationalize data technology, helping to achieve the work that you need to do.


Who we are

Welcome to GNO-SYS, a geospatial consulting firm rooted in practical expertise. We’re a team of skilled engineers who love delving into technology to solve real-world problems. At GNO-SYS, we focus on simplifying complexities rather than chasing industry buzzwords. Our commitment is grounded in the belief that geospatial technology can genuinely make a difference. We approach each project with a blend of technical proficiency and creative problem-solving, offering clients not just solutions but a clear path forward. 

Who we serve

We like to work with companies who are solving big and complex problems using location based information. Working across industries we bring a geospatial lens to your application and products/solution. 

Previously, we’ve worked with: 

  • Aerial and satellite data collection companies 
  • Lidar, radar, hyperspectral, and other sensor companies 
  • Methane and emissions detection and monitoring. 
  • Startups building new technology. 
  • Companies with large volumes of data who need effective management and deployment strategies
  • Utilities  
  • Oil & gas 
  • Forestry 
  • Environmental

Our Team

Trevor Miller


Jonathan Neufeld
P.Eng, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Crawford
P.Eng, M.Sc.

Sr. Engineer

Trent Dinn

Development Manager

Kai Hefner

Mechanical Engineer

Nathan Mercer P.Eng.

Sr. Geomatics Engineer

Guiding Principles


We like to work closely with our clients, through meetings, updates, and regular check in points. We believe it’s important to stay connected so that we understand our client’s philosophy, needs, and approaches; and to ensure that we are consistently delivering top quality work. 


We bring an open mindset to each project and a curiosity to learn about each client, each project, and the ways in which our clients are impacting the world. 


As engineers and designers we pride ourselves on starting from the beginning with each client and working to build the best possible solution, tailor-made to fit the unique needs of each project. We also pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of new technologies and approaches. As technology changes we adapt and learn. 

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