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Deliver geospatial data, easily and securely

HaySTAC is a compliant, standalone, scalable, and secure server for efficient geospatial data cataloging, discovery, and access, built on STAC principles.

Deliver Geospatial Data easily and securely

HaySTAC was designed from the ground up as an enterprise geospatial management system.  HaySTAC’s standout advantage lies in its native support for both anonymous and private (per-client) single sign-on (SSO) for data collections. With this capability, you can seamlessly host private data for different clients alongside anonymous data, all through a single, streamlined Haystac API.  It also provides powerful capabilities including advanced searches and filters  

Unmatched flexibility and convenience in spatial data management

HaySTAC supports any data formats with out of the box support for the most common formats.  You can update, download, and access your catalogue using powerful web application or streamline your data management using its command Line Interface, or through its STAC-compliant API. 

Open Source

Encouraging innovation while reducing the risk of vendor lock-in

Secure Data

Providing unique and secure access to catalog by user or user groups

Find Your Data's Value

Like finding a needle in a haystack, HaySTAC software helps you to find the nuggets of gold in your data

Streamlined and Organized

Efficient and structured workflows, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the project

Based on Open Source

HaySTAC is available in two packages: HaySTAC, and HaySTAC Enterprise. 

The open-source HaySTAC package provides consumers with swift access to fundamental STAC specifications.  Our Enterprise version is available to paying customers and encompasses advanced search, SSO, security, and more. 

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