GNOde enables GIS technicians,

engineers, and scientists to

access and analyze:

  • any data
  • anywhere with
  • any application
  • at scale

Bridging the gap between data collection and engineering analysis, GNOde is a fully equipped toolbox that accelerates productivity.

Organize Your Data Collections
Find and access the right data where and when you need it 

Accelerate Productivity 
Leverage thousands of tools and the latest open-source technology 

Increase Collaboration 
Working together on the cloud with your data and your tools 

Save Time 
Leverage automation and scalable cloud computing to get more done 

GNOde is a geospatial data management and analysis suite that allows your team to manage complex spatial data, create powerful tools and leverage automation with unlimited extensibility. It is designed for collaboration across large teams, automating routine processing tasks, and simplifying the chore of accessing data in an enterprise environment.  


Store, manage and find all of your data anytime, anywhere.


Unlock all your data with scalable cloud-based processing and analytics.


Accelerate and scale productivity by automating routine tasks.

Nodes are the critical network intersections providing a focal point for evaluating connectivity, optimizing routes, and understanding the flow of spatial relationships.

Let GNOde be the network intersection of your data, and your team, which powers your team to create the highest possible value from your data.

Scalable. Flexible.

We intentionally built GNOde to support the diverse needs of diverse users and enterprise data. We enable engineers, developers, and GIS technicians to do their jobs more effectively. Designed for teams of all shapes and sizes, it ensures that your organization can collaborate, design, and analyze together.  

Extensibility. Freedom.

Pre-built software is good, but the ability to extend it is better. With GNOde you have the freedom to explore your data, with your tools the way you want to. The open architecture of GNOde ensures that your team is not locked in to one vendor or software ecosystem. It delivers unlimited extensibility encouraging users to design, code, and publish Python-based tools for custom analysis, editing, and reporting. Connect GNOde with 3rd party software tools for seamless experiences in GIS, CAD, BIM, and beyond.  

GNOde Data StoreGNOde Analysis HubGNOde Workflows
Organize and Catalog any data typeOnline application for creating powerful analyticsAutomate routine and time consuming tasks
Directly connect with local or cloud storageBuild unique IP using industry standard python codeCreate and define powerful workflows using tools
Integrated Version control and data integrityScalable parallel processingSetup triggers and events
Preview, view, download, and sync dataExtensive tools and libraries for raster, point cloud, vectors, and Machine LearningPackage analytics as APIs for 3rd party access
Search and find data immediatelyPublish tools for use in your organizationIntegrate 3rd party application
Supports most 3rd party application such as ESRI, Bentley, etc.Extensible 3rd party integrationUtilize on-demand scalable cloud compting
100% STAC compliant Rest API

GNOde was a game-changer for managing our company’s data. It allowed us to develop custom tools on-top of the pre-existing platform, streamlining our data and giving our whole team access to collaborate and do exactly what each member needed to complete the project! 

– CTO, Engineering Firm

Transform your data management