gno-sys technologies

Geospatial Specialists

Operationalizing geospatial technology through customized engineering consulting

End-to-end solutions for geospatial and remote sensing

Design, develop, and  deploy turn-key systems 

Scalable, reliable, and automated data processing


Own Your IP

Enhance your business with our commitment to your intellectual property (IP) ownership, bolstering your competitive advantage. 

Expert Knowledge

We shape the future with foresight, leveraging our diverse sensor and technology expertise for expert guidance and predictions.

Custom Solutions

We tailor solutions to your unique needs, offering insights and crafting a comprehensive success plan.

Collaborative Approach

We’re embedded team players, ensuring seamless integration and swift adaptation to unexpected challenges.

Our Services

System Engineering

Expert design of complete hardware and software systems for any application

Data Processing

Scalable, reliable, and automated data processing from raw data to a polished product

Software Development

Creating specialized tools and applications to address your unique geospatial challenges

Sensor Technology

Designing, developing, and deploying innovative sensor systems 

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