gno-sys technologies

Sensor Systems

Design and develop hardware

Custom Sensor System

Looking to upgrade your existing sensor?  Or need to integrate new capability into a vehicle?  GNO-SYS provides custom remote sensing hardware systems.  Our engineering team provides expertise and services for integration of sensors, electronics, and software for both airborne and terrestrial systems.   

Building endless capabilities

Experts at integration

Mechanical Design

We provide mechanical design engineering services for remote sensing including sensor mounts, sensor modules, ground reflectors, and more.  Our modules are robust, rugged, and lightweight and used in systems in the air or on the ground. 

Electronics & Integration

Our team understands the important aspects of capturing accurate remote sensing.  High speed timing and positioning is critical.  Our team has experience designing and delivering hardware and firmware systems for SAR, LiDAR, optical systems including timing generators, power systems, data capture, RF, and monitoring. 

Command and Control

Need to integrate sensors?  We have experience with operational software for mapping and monitoring applications.  Our team has created customized command and control that includes sensor operations, real-time monitoring, moving maps, sensor automation, and 3D navigation.   

We'll do the engineering, you own the IP. We even help you patent it. That's how committed we are to safeguarding your intellectual property, ensuring it remains under your name.

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