gno-sys technologies

System Engineering

Solutions for extensible capabilities.

System Design

Looking for new capability?   

As engineers we understand the challenges of developing and deploying hardware, software, and systems into the real world.  We take pride in helping our clients successfully achieve the work they are doing. Our team understands the critical requirements for creating operational remote sensing technology. Our expert design team will help you turn your concept into a reality.   

Project Management

A good design needs good execution.  Our expert team will quickly identify the cost, schedule, options, risks, and a strategy for your projects.  We ensure that critical aspects of the project are understood, and ensures your projects stays on track.  We have helped others create technology that has been successfully deployed at scale around the globe and collected millions of km² of data.  

The Right Technology

Our team are experts in sensor technology whether it’s Optical imagery, LiDAR, INSAR, or hyperspectral.   We have worked with systems from the mud to the sun including sensors underground, in the air, and in space. We understand the importance of often overlooked aspects, such as positioning and timing, data processing and management.  Let us help you choose the right combination of sensor technologies to achieve your mission. 

Launch Capability

Scale Technology

Sensor Integration, Testing, and Operations

Our expertise extends beyond the initial construction phase and into operations.  Our team has created, deployed, operated, or supported systems in 20+ countries around the globe.  We provide technical resources expertise in sensor integration, calibration, testing, operations, and support.  

Partnering with GNO-SYS Technology Ltd. has been transformative for our sensor program. They were able to quickly transform our prototype into an operational system. GNO-SYS's dedication to pushing boundaries aligns perfectly with our mission. Their ability to operationalize advanced technology makes them an invaluable partner in our pursuit of groundbreaking solutions.

Unlock precision in geomatics, remote sensing, and data processing