Software Development

An energy company was developing a challenging next generation system for more efficient extraction of resources.  They needed a high performance embedded computing capable of real-time command, control, and navigation in a harsh environment.  Furthur, the system needed to be autonomous with little input from the outside world.

The GNO-SYS team developed a highly scalable custom software architecture allowing for deterministic connection of sub systems. Utilizing a custom high speed I/O bus with real-time multitasking, we designed a system that allowed multiple embedded computers to be chained together. With high speed data transfer and microsecond timing between devices, real-time sensors could be added with ease. The end solution allowed for parallelized processing and real-time data collection, accuracy, positioning and control – The first of it’s kind in the industry

GNO-SYS has its roots in embedded high speed software development — including real-time distributed sensor systems.  We have developed numerous complete software systems for sensor integration, operations, navigation, and automation.