GNO-SYS Custom projects

Custom Projects

GNO-SYS works on all kinds of custom engineering projects. Our professional team delivers solutions from concept to product.

We work closely with your in-house team to develop, advise, and deliver the software or hardware you need.

GNO-SYS system design services

System Design

We design end-to-end solutions for geomatics, remote sensing, and data processing. Our team has developed, operated, and managed sensors including IFSAR, hyperspectral, LiDAR, optical imagery, and more. We’re always up for the challenge and keen to learn about the opportunity you’re tackling.

We worked with the GNO-SYS team to develop a time critical data collection system that needed to be deployed at scale. Their rapid response, attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge allowed us to complete the project on time.

Darren Sortland, President BOSSPAC
GNO-SYS data procesing and automation

Data Processing & Automation

Create meaningful products and answers from your data. You have an acquisition framework and plans to scale up, now your data processing system needs to grow to. We can help you build a scalable, reliable, and automated data processing chain from raw data to polished product.

GNO-SYS field operations and collection

Field Operations and Collection

Our skilled team of operators has worked in more than 20 countries on all types of systems. We can help you with your acquisition program, whether it’s drone, aerial, satellite, or something else. We have the experience to provide on the ground – and in the air – support.

Project Management

Our professional team delivers solutions from concept to product. We know that time and targets matter to you, that’s why we deliver our projects on time and on budget.

Engineering & Sensor Systems

GNO-SYS is a registered professional engineering firm. We understand the challenges of developing and deploying hardware, software, and systems into the real world and will work with your team to get it done.

Without reservation, I recommend GNO-SYS Technology for all your development needs, from the most basic coding requirements, troubleshooting, all the way to the system architecture decisions and algorithm definition that determine the ultimate performance of the system. They are responsive and an excellent team player.

Stephen Bonner, CTO ISODrill

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